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Your Guide to the Best Paddling with Bay Venture Outfitters!

Your Guide to the Best Paddling with Bay Venture Outfitters!

Bay Venture, hands down, is the best place to paddle because you have access to four unique areas to explore!

1. North East Creek

Launch into the North East Creek for a serene, tidal, smooth paddle. This area is the perfect retreat for paddling enthusiasts of all levels. Look for herons, osprey, and turtles throughout your paddle! The waters are calm and the boat traffic is minimal. 

2. Stoney Run

From the creek, enter the beautiful and protected Stoney Run. This is one way up & one way out. The water is shallow & clear. Listen and look for beavers, ducks, & small fish during this paddle. The trees hang over the banks providing shade & a beautiful water trail to follow! The higher the tide, the farther you can go!

3. Hidden Marsh

Don’t miss out—ask for directions to unlock this fan favorite destination! Navigate through the hidden marsh, where a historical tunnel beckons you into a mesmerizing marshland panorama. Immerse yourself in this secluded oasis, where it’s just you and nature, a true hidden gem waiting to be explored.

4. North East River

Paddle the banks of the North East river and find hidden coves and sandy beaches to explore. You’ll be on the most northern point of the Chesapeake Bay! This tidal river is full of wildlife such as eagles! You might even see Chessie!

Be sure to ask us about these locations when you arrive! We’ll give specific directions to this can’t miss locations! 

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