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The C&D Canal Trail:

The C&D Canal Trail:

Chesapeake City/Delaware City

Did you know that the C&D canal connects the Delaware River to the Chesapeake Bay and allows ships to access The Port of Baltimore, making it one of the busiest canals in the world? And you can explore the length, from Chesapeake City all the way to Delaware City, on the picturesque C&D Canal Trail! 

Fin bikes are located on the north side of Chesapeake City to allow you to hop right on and take in all 15 miles of views.  

As you bike, walk, or even horseback ride the trail, you may have the chance to see Peregrin Falcons, Bald Eagles, or cute little swimming birds called pied-billed grebes! 

Favorite Trail Highlights:

  • Scenic Canal Views along the entire trail
  • Chesapeake City Riverfront
  • Delaware City Riverfront
  • Watching the ships (40% of ships going to Baltimore use this canal to get there!)

African Union Church Cemetery

This important historic cemetery was part of Polktown, one of the first free black communities in Delaware. It includes the burials of five United States Colored Troops who fought bravely during the Civil War. 

Fort Delaware and Fort DuPont

Built in the 1800s, these forts have played their parts throughout history from the Civil War all the way to World War II.  

C&D Canal Museum

Once you are done exploring the canal, learn its history at the C&D Canal Museum.

Know before you go:

This trail is great for all levels! The mostly flat path meanders along the canal and is completely paved. There is one challenging hill climb around the Summit North Marina area, so be prepared.

Let’s Go Adventure: Rent a Bike With Fin!

Start: Chesapeake City, North on the Ben Cardin Trail

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